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Talent de Thomas Hine Cognac Hine


Appellation Cognac Grande Champagne Contrôlée

Blend of some fifty fully mature and exceptional eaux-de-vie, some dating back to the end of the 19th century, all crafted from Grande Champagne grapes exclusively.



Celebrating Dorset-born Thomas Hine’s arrival in Charente, "Talent" is served in a decorative crystal carafe signed by Baccarat, presented in a numbered wooden humidor, hand-made from precious Macassar ebony and Honduras mahogany, and accompanied by four crystal tulip glasses designed by Bernard Hine.

An encounter. This is what first defines this association of cognac, crystal and precious wood. But it is an encounter that also tells a tale of time.

Here in this carafe, several eaux-de-vie coexist, each baring its soul to form a subtle yet eternal harmony that is testament to over a century in the history of a region and its men.

"Talent", like an ag

ed leather complete with patina, reflects the passage of time,  yearning to exalt the existing. Opulent and spicy with oriental tones, this cognac is imbued with aromas of candied dates, musky cloves, and sun-dried figs.

A touch of sweetness provided by accents of gingerbread and currants ensures a memorable finale.